Giant Vinegaroon from Haiti

Haitian bug
Location: Haitia
October 31, 2010 8:55 pm
Hi, i would like to identify this bug by curiosity. I know this picture was taken in haitia, between 2-3 inch long without the abdomen antena. Well i cant wait to know more about this one 🙂 thank you
Signature: Xavier Fleurant

Giant Vinegaroon

Hello Xavier,
This fierce looking but harmless creature is a Giant Vinegaroon, a name we prefer to the name Whipscorpion because that conjures up the impression that it is a venomous creature, which it is not.  Giant Vinegaroons are shy, nocturnal hunters that feast on Cockroaches and other undesirable creatures that they encounter on their nightly hunts.  The common name Vinegaroon refers to the creature’s habit of expelling a weak solution of acetic acid when threatened which smells like vinegar, another form of acetic acid.

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  1. Additional Info:
    Desert (Arizona) Vinegaroons, are much smaller in size, about the size of baby Scorpion. They are rather aggressive (will chase after you un-provoked) and can/will bite. It hurts like the dickens and you will have an overwhelming bitter taste in your mouth (some say it tastes like Vinegar) for several hours.


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