Giant Stag Beetle

Subject: Crab Be USAetle/Pseudoscorpion?
Location: Roswell, Georgia USA
July 11, 2016 7:32 am
Hi! This little guy was on my patio yesterday. I saw one other just like it years ago. I can’t quite find it in all the images around. I thought maybe a pseudoscorpion but this guy was well over an inch big. I’m really curious what it is.
Signature: Paula Farbolin

Giant Stag Beetle
Giant Stag Beetle

Dear Paula,
This beauty is a male Giant Stag Beetle.  They are attracted to lights.

Wow.  Thanks!  How can you tell it’s a male?  (Yes, I realize I am opening the door to some mischief here).

Males have the impressive, mandibles that resemble a stag’s antlers.  Females, like this individual posted to BugGuide, lack the oversized mandibles.

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