Subject: Caterpillar in Uruguay
Location: Uruguay
March 20, 2014 12:16 pm
I came across this amazing caterpillar in Uruguay in February. It was about 2 inches long. I would love to know what it would become. Thank you for your help.
Martin Summers
Signature: Martin Summers

Giant Silkworm: Eacles species

Giant Silkworm: Eacles species

Dear Martin,
Your caterpillar bears an uncanny resemblance to a North American Imperial Moth Caterpillar, and we strongly suspect your caterpillar is in the same genus,
Eacles.  We believe it might be Eacles imperialis magnifica, which would make it a subspecies of our North American Imperial Moth.  We will contact Bill Oehlke to get his opinion, and we hope if he asks, you allow him to post your photograph to his own comprehensive website.

Dear Daniel,
I am most grateful to you and I concur with your identification that it would turn into an Eacles Imperialis Magnifica ( what a magnificent name ). By all means use my photograph.
Many thanks,

Bill Oehlke Concurs
Yes, It is Eacles imperialis magnifica. Please see if you can find out a more precise location in Uruguay and forward that info to me as I would like to record it.

March 26, 2014
Dear Daniel,
Here is the location where I found this amazing caterpillar on Feb 26th 2014. I have a house and a large garden there and we are blessed with an amazing variety of Butterflies, Moths and Caterpillars and occasional huge swarms of Dragonflies. As you can imagine it is paradise for the birds.
Many thanks for your help and if I may, I might ask you for more identification as and when I find more exotic caterpillars.
Kind regards,

Map of Uruguay

Map of Uruguay

Location: Pueblo Garzon, Uruguay

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  1. Grace Alexander says:

    We found one of these giant beauties also – we live in Piriapolis, Uruguay, fair distance west from the OP. This giant was found by my eight year old son. We were scared to touch it but gently flopped it into a plastic tub using a wide piece of bark.

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