Giant Silkmoth: Asian Atlas Moth, NOT Rothschildia species

What family is this butterfly?
Hi, I’ m doing one entomologic colection and i have a doubt about which is the family of this this butterfly. Can you help me ? I didn’ t found its classification. Thanks
Eduardo (Sao Paulo, Brazil)

Hi Eduardo,
This is a Saturnid or Giant Silkmoth possibly in the genus Rothschildia.

Correction: (03/21/2008)
“Rothschildia” by Eduardo from Sao Paulo, Brazil is not a moth from Brazil, but one of the Attacus species. Maybe he is having fun with you. Maybe the cocoons came from southern Asia and they hatched in Brazil Kirby Wolfe site is not a pay site.It has just moved to a new location It is maintained by me, Bill Oehlke Kirby has images of I think about three hundred worldwide Saturniidae on this location. My private membership site called the World’s Largest Saturniidae Site is the one you refer to as costing $40.00 to become a member. It has images of over 1450 worldwide Saturniidae, including, with permission, all of Kirby’s images. The private membership site also has country checklists for most countries in the world and I work on it almost daily and have for many of the Central and South American countries created checklists at provincial or department level, one stage below national level. There are many worldwide species that are very similar in appearance. Geography is very useful in identifying some of them. Larvae of many species are also depicted.
Bill Oehlke

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