Giant Silkmoth from Panama: Rhescyntis hippodamia norax

Subject: Large moth
Location: Panama, Azuero Peninsula
May 8, 2016 4:25 pm
Hello Bugman,
We live in Panama (pacific coast) and a few days ago, after the first rains, this large moth (wing span about 22 cm (8 inch) honored us with a visit. Do you have any idea what family or species this is?
Best regards and many thanks in advance
Signature: Kees and Loes

Giant Silkmoth: Rhescyntis hippodamia norax
Giant Silkmoth: Rhescyntis hippodamia norax

Dear Kees and Loes,
This spectacular Giant Silkmoth from the family Saturniidae is a female
Rhescyntis hippodamia norax, which we identified on the World’s Largest Saturniidae site and then verified on Nature Watch where we learned the species ranges “from Mexico to Brazil.”  The species is also pictured on Costa Rican Moths and on FlickR.  Adult moths from this family do not feed.  They have atrophied mouthparts and they survive off of fat stored by the caterpillar.  Adults usually live less than a week, long enough to mate and lay eggs.

Hi Daniel,
We highly appreciate your very fast identification service and quick reply.
Feel free to use our photograph for your database and other educational uses.
Thank you again.
Loes and Kees

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