Giant Silkmoth from Peru: Copaxa medea

Photos from Off the Grid in Peru
Location: Sacred Valley, Peru, November 2011
November 22, 2011 1:48 pm
Heya Bug Guy! It’s been awhile since I have submitted photos and I owe you a giant thank you for your awesome website! THANK YOU!! I have a few photos for you today. First is what I believe to be a Silkmoth. They’re very common in the Sacred Valley of Peru and have a 4” wingspan. Second, I’ve a little green Crab Spider snacking on an unsuspecting Honeybee! He carried the bee around all day….I got the impression the spider bit off more than he could chew and wasn’t sure how to get his catch to the dinner table! Lastly, I believe is a Running or Giant Crab Spider. Every morning, I find one in my sink. Well, today I forgot and he took a sudsy bath in dishwater. I gently rinsed him, then very tenderly dried him in a towel where he embedded his fangs. I am happy to report that 3 hours later, he is up and running, good as new! And clean! Thanks again, you are my favorite resource as I learn Entomology!
Signature: Off The Grid in Peru

Giant Silkmoth: Copaxa medea

Dear Off The Grid in Peru,
We are thrilled to get your marvelous images.  We are only posing the photo of the Giant Silkmoth at the moment because we do not like postings with multiple species unless they are logically combined.  We hope we will have time to format your other images as well.  We believe we have correctly identified your Giant Silkmoth at
Copaxa medea based on photos posted to the Kirby Wolfe Saturniidae Collection website.

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  1. please i am looking for this species to makes biological studies .May be can you help me to find
    living material (silk cocoons or eggs ) ?


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