Giant Silkmoth from Panama: Rothschildia fabiani

Moth Identity
Hi there
I found this moth on a mountain road in Palo Alto in the mountains above Boquete in Panama in April 2011.
I believe the genus may be Rothschildia but I really don’t know.
I would be grateful if you could possibly advise as to the full species name and any common names in English or otherwise for this beautiful creature.
Thanking you in anticipation
Seamus O’Malley

Rothschildia fabiani

Hi Seamus,
This is one of the Giant Silkmoths in the genus
Rothschildia, and our research indicates there are four species or subspecies in Panama.  In our opinion, this most closely resembles Rothschildia orizaba which is pictured on the Moth Photographers Group website.

Correction Courtesy of Bill Oehlke and special request
March 15, 2013
should be Rothschildia fabiani, another one described in 2012.
Regarding the R. fabiani image posted by Seamus O’Malley, I request that you ask him via email or on WTB page, to contact me regarding image use, and possibly a larger image.  Perhaps when you make the correction you can ask him to contact me on the site. I do not mind that my email is given:  [email protected]
Bill Oehlke

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