Giant Silkmoth from Nicaragua: possibly Arsenura armida

What Moth Is This?
Location: Jinotega, Jinotega, Nicaragua (12°55′N 85°55′W)
February 2, 2012 3:13 pm
Dear Bugman,
Could you try to identify this moth so I can try to find better image of it?
This is in Jinotega, Nicaragua, during the rainy season in the last week of July 2010.
Signature: Cheers! SRW

Pool Player with Giant Silkmoth

Dear SRW,
The photo you submitted does not provide much detail in the moth, but we decided to attempt an identification.  We first found a moth that looks like a good match on the Evolutionary Biology webpage, but it is not identified and the caption reads “Nightlife at Lake Apoyo.”  You need to scroll down the page a bit to see the image.  We continued to search and we believe this image of
Arsenura armida on FlickRis a good match.   Over the years we have posted several aggregations of Central American caterpillars that have been identified as the larvae of Arsenura armida.

Possibly Arsenura armida


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