Giant Silk Moth from Peru: Rothschildia erycina

Subject: Giant Silk Moth from Peru
Location: Peru
February 15, 2014 8:46 am
Thanks you so much for your fast response! I am forwarding that to him down there and tell him to keep snapping the pictures. Next time he wants to bring a better camera!
I attached a silkmoth and a giant long horned beetle picture, for your interest.
Thanks again Daniel,

Giant Silk Moth:  Rothschildia species
Giant Silk Moth: Rothschildia erycina

Thanks Wendy,
Your Giant Silk Moth is in the genus
Rothschildia, but according to the information we have available on the World’s Largest Saturniidae Site, there are 23 species and subspecies in the genus that are found in Peru.  Can you provide more specific location information in Peru?  We will contact Bill Oehlke to see if he can identify the species or subspecies.

Bill Oehlke provide identification
Rothschildia erycina female. Subspecies depends upon location, but I suspect
eastern Peru, making it Rothschildia erycina erycina
Bill Oehlke

I am just waiting for a response from him, they were helicoptered in from Lima I think, and are deep in the jungle by the sounds of it. I will get back to you as soon as he sends me the information!
Hello again,
They are a 2 hour helicopter flight away from Tarapota, so it does look like the north-eastern jungles of Peru.

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