Subject: Moths
Location: Sao Paulo, Brazil
September 25, 2012 8:13 pm
I found these two lovely Giant Silk Moths in Missiones, Argentina, and Sao Paulo state, Brazil,respectively, this past August. Could you tell me what they are? Thanks.
Signature: James Colborn

Giant Silkmoth: Rhescyntis pseudomartii

Hi James,
One of your moths is in the genus
Rhescyntis, but we are not certain of the species, and we cannot tell from your communication if it is from Argentina or Brazil.  There are inherent problems when multiple species are submitted in a single email.  Please clarify using the numbers on the file which is from Brazil and which is from Argentina.  We believe we have the Rhescyntis species as hailing from Brazil, since it is the second attached file, however, it is numbered chronologically earlier.  We have written to Bill Oehlke to see if he can provide a species name.  We will post your other submission separately.  Here is an image of a member of this genus, Rhescyntis hippodamia, on the Leo Prensa Libre website.

Wow! That was fast! Thanks, Daniel. The Rhescyntis species is indeed the one from Brazil. Sorry about the confusion.
Hope to hear back. Thanks again. You guys are awesome!

Bill Oehlke responds with an identification
Rhescyntis pseudomartii
Very nice. Do you have any other data?

Location: Brazil

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