Giant Scale Insect from Australia

Orange furry bug
March 16, 2010
Hello, I saw someone posted a similar insect as this, and I was wondering if you found anything more out about it? I found it under a bunch of old wet leaves tucked inside an old candle holder. (i was cleaning out the candle holder and that’s how i stumbled upon it).
Thanks! Kimberly
Brisbane, Australia

Giant Scale Insect

Hi Kimberly,
This appears to be a Giant Scale Insect, and we did not have much luck identifying the species that was sent last month.  Eric Eaton made the tentative identification, but we would like to match both your images and the previous image to a species.  The do not appear to be the same species.

Giant Scale Insect

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  1. This looks like what we have been calling Monophlebus. Females have this appearance, and are remarkably large for scale insects.


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