Giant Resin Bee

Pictures of a giant resin bee, I think
I saw a couple of REALLY large bees looking at a gap in the frame of a window. I have since filled the gap. Actually, it might be more correct to say one was looking, and when the other approached they both flew up, facing each other. Didn’t seem particularly friendly but I could be wrong about that. After i caulked the gap (at night, no bee activity) I saw this bee again the next day, hovering around looking for the gap, very confused. Since then i haven’t seen him. I found a picture that matches this on your site, over this message: “The bee is a male ‘giant resin bee,’ Megachile sculpturalis, an introduced species from Asia, sometime in the 1990s. It would help to know where this shot was taken, so as to help track the progress of this species. Females nest in the abandoned tunnels bored by carpenter bees. Eric” Here are my pics; these are crops, at 100% magnification, from larger pictures. I left the shutters in the left part of the picture for scale. Oh, location is Suffern, New York. And we have a shed with abandoned tunnels bored by carpenter bees. EXIF information is intact in the pictures, if you care. I was happy to have a “super zoom” to take these, even though I don’t see a stinger didn’t feel like getting close.
Joe S.

Hi Joe,
We concur that this is a Giant Resin Bee.

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