Giant Metallic Ceiba Borer from Peru

Subject: Peruvian beetle 3
Location: Puerto Maldonado, Madre de Dios, Peru
March 11, 2013 2:51 pm
I have googled around and the closest to and ID is the Euchroma gigantea. Could this be right or is it an other specie that reminds a lot of the Euchroma gigantea? I haven’t found any that match the colors of this one.
Signature: Kristian

Giant Metallic Ceiba Borer
Giant Metallic Ceiba Borer

Hi Kristian,
YOu are absolutely correct.  This is a Giant Metallic Ceiba Borer,
Euchroma gigantea, and it is found in Central and South America.

Thanks, Daniel!
Good to hear that it’s a Euchroma gigantea. That means I was right and that all that time I spent searching the internet wasn’t a waste!

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