Subject: School infestation
Location: Northern Belize (tropical marine climate)
November 15, 2012 7:16 pm
We are suddenly have great numbers of the pictured bugs at the village school. No one seems sure what it is or if it is dangerous to the children.
Signature: Peter

Giant Mesquite Bug nymph

Hi Peter,
You have nothing to fear from this proliferation of Giant Mesquite Bug nymphs.  They pose no danger to the school or the children.  They are edible and they are commonly eaten by the indigenous people of Mexico.

Thank you for your help.  Sound like we could have saved a bit on the lunch program. Peter

When we eat something, we like it to look good, and this is one good looking nymph.  Winged adults don’t look as tasty.  We will contact David Gracer to see if he can provide any information on how they taste.

Location: Belize

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