Giant Mesquite Bug Nymph from Mexico

Subject:  Mexican beetle
Geographic location of the bug:  Cima de Tepozteco
Date: 04/19/2019
Time: 11:46 AM EDT
Your letter to the bugman:  Looking to identify this photographed by a friend. Apparently known as escarabajo but I’m guessing that’s a generic name for several beetles.
How you want your letter signed:  Cliff

Giant Mexquite Bug nymph

Dear Cliff,
This is not a Beetle.  It is a Giant Mesquite Bug nymph, and they are frequently found feeding in groups.

Hi Daniel
Thank you very much for your prompt reply and identification. Please excuse my basic ignorance of what is a beetle or not.
A friend of mine took that photo, and from a British perspective, it looks very unusual. Several of us will be glad to know.
Best wishes

No problem Cliff.  That is why we are still here after 17 years.

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