Giant Mesquite Bug from Mexico

Found in Mexico, Satelite: Aug 27, 2011
Location: Mexico, Satelite
September 19, 2011 9:31 pm
Can you tell me the name of this bug and what family it belongs to. Also, does this bug have a stinger?
Signature: Rosa Maravillas

Giant Mesquite Bug

Hi Rosa,
This is a Giant Mesquite Bug or a close relative in the genus
Thasus.  Giant Mesquite Bugs are in the family Coreidae, the Leaf Footed Bugs or Big Legged Bugs and they do not have stingers.  We frequently get requests to identify the brightly colored nymphs of the Giant Mesquite Bug, and you can see photos of the entire life cycle on Colin L. Miller’s wildlife website.

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  1. These are absolutely edible; though I’m not completely sure just how they’re prepared in Mexico, nor even how popular they are in this day and age, there is plentiful documentation of their use as food. They’re called “Chamoes” I think. I tried them in Southern AZ, and managed to bring some home, frozen, from my trip there. Their flavor is very intense, and I think they might benefit from being ground up as a flavoring agent.



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