Giant Mesquite Bug from Costa Rica

Subject: Costa Rica Bug ID
Location: Costa Rica – Altitude approx. 2500 feet.
March 18, 2016 5:51 pm
Hi Bugman, My husband found this fellow crawling on our car. We live in the central valley mountains of Costa Rica at altitude approx. 2500 feet. His body was approx. 1″ long and he was a fast mover… not standing still for anyone.. (even a man with a camera). I assume it’s some kind of beetle, but it also seems to have a shield shape like the Stink bugs back in the US. Is it maybe a tropical version of the the stink bug?
Signature: Jackie

Leaf Footed Bug from Costa Rica
Giant Mesquite Bug from Costa Rica

Dear Jackie,
We believe this member of the family Coreidae is a Giant Mesquite Bug in the genus
Thasus.  We get numerous images of the colorful immature nymphs, and your winged adult resembles this image on FlickR.

Hi Daniel…  Thank you for your quick reply and the identification.
After looking at your links, I would agree with you on your identification…  Although I will pass on the reply that stated they can be used as a food source/flavoring agent.   LOL…  Just not “in to” serving my family bugs for dinner.  😉
Thanks again and have a great Sunday!

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