Giant Mesquite Bug: adult and nymphs (and it's edible!!!)

Giant Mesquite Bug in Southern Arizona
Hey Bugman!
I found these beautiful bugs at the campground of Sabino Canyon. They were the decorational highlight of a Mesquite tree. What kind of Giant Mesquite Bug might that be? Thanks for any information!

Hi Daniel,
These really are called Giant Mesquite Bugs. The species is Thasus acutangulus. The winged specimen in the single photo is an adult, and the nymphs are the brightly colored non-winged individuals.

Hi Daniel,
The large bug Thasus is highly-thought-of in Mexico. I’ve read a good deal about how it’s used there, or at least once was. It’s called “Chamoes” as reported here [under the archaic genus-name Pachilis] and the details include both direct human consumption and as an element of egg-yolk coloration when fed to laying hens. Also mentioned is a crude protein content of 65.4% and fat content of 19.4% Of all the edible insects found in the US this is one of the most sought after — by me! If anyone would like to play the supplier role let’s talk. Thanks,

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    • As the subject line of the posting indicates that Giant Mesquite Bugs are edible, and to the best of our knowledge, the terms poisonous and edible would be mutually exclusive, we would deduce that they are not poisonous.


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