Giant Mesquite Bug

Subject: Souther Arizona flying beetle?
Location: Tubac, Arizona
August 25, 2015 8:08 pm
Hey Bugman!
My friend, Tim, is visiting Tubac, Arizona and sent me this.
“so this guy is big, 1 1/4” snout to tail. good flyer, has mouth parts like an assassin bug, and has 1/8” circles 2/3 of the way out on his antennae.
i was thinking kissing bug, but never found a pic of that crazy antenna.”
Thank you!
Signature: Tim via Tomas

Giant Mesquite Bug
Giant Mesquite Bug

Dear Tim vie Tomas,
Thank you for providing such a detailed description of this Giant Mesquite Bug.  The Giant Mesquite Bug does not have the evolutionarily evolved legs of many other members of the Big Legged or Leaf Footed Bug family Coreidae.  Immature nymphs are quite colorful and often congregate until they grow wings and can disperse.  Your detailed description included the enlarged antennae segments of the Giant Mesquite Bug, but alas, you need a faster shutter speed, probably quicker than 1/250, to keep the rapidly moving antennae from blurring.

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