Giant Mesquite Bug

Blue, red and white bug, with orange and black legs Fri, Nov 7, 2008 at 5:57 PM
We found this bug while doing some sightseeing in Oaxaca, Mexico. My friend noticed it first, I almost walked right into it! We just had to take a picture of it, though neither of us could tell what it was. The colors are just stunning, and you can see the patterns continue underneath the body too. We thought it almost looks like a beetle or stink bug, but we have no idea. Any help in figuring out what this bug is would be appreciated!
Sightseeing in Mexico
Oaxaca, Mexico

Giant Mesquite Bug from Oaxaca
Giant Mesquite Bug from Oaxaca

Dear Sightseer,
This is either a Giant Mesquite Bug, Thasus acutangulus, or a closely related species. Your specimen is an immature nymph. Interestingly, we just posted an image of another nymph from Peru that reminds us of this species.

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