Giant Leopard Moth

Leopard printed moth?
Fri, Jun 19, 2009 at 3:46 PM
My mother stumbled across this pretty moth(?) in our kitchen just a little while ago, hanging out on the curtain above the dryer. The rumbling of the dryer doesn’t seem to be bothering him, as he’s just sitting there calmly. He’s like an off-white color, and covered in black spots that seem to resemble the rosettes on leopards or ocelots. I’ve never seen anything like him before, so what is he? Besides pretty that is!
Maryland, USA

Giant Leopard Moth
Giant Leopard Moth

Hi Sydney,
In the past four days, we have received at least four letters requesting that we identify the Giant Leopard Moth, Hypercompe scribonia, a species of Tiger Moth.  According to BugGuide, it it also called the Eyed Tiger Moth or Great Leopard Moth.  Of all the requests, your letter was our favorite, so we will be posting it.

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