Giant Hornets

Hello! You have a great site. I have used it many times this summer. I was wondering if you can tell me what these bugs are. Are they a type of wasp? They have been stripping the bark off my lilac bush – I’m assuming they plan to lay their eggs there. Any id help would be appreciated.
Thank you.
Rene’ in MD

Hi Rene’,
These are Giant Hornets, Vespa crabro germana. They are found in the east. It is an introduced species. These are social hornets that build a nest in a hollow tree, under porch floor or in and outbuilding. The females in your photo are gathering bark to chew into paper pulp for the nest.

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  1. Yesterday morning about 530I went outside And my motion detector like kicked on beside my door Within just a few moments I was being attacked by these giant hornets 1 stoned me and Within just a few moments I was being attacked by these giant hornets 1 stunned me and I mean I have never had a sting that bad They must be attracted to my light so Turned it off I sprayed and killed several but cannot find the nest any suggestions on how to find the ass be great thank you very much

    • Wow I would still be shaking like I just got my butt handed to me by a bunch of thugs after my wallet. Glad you are okay. Im a fairly burly guy with a very childlike phobia for large stinging insects.

  2. Being from Florida and mortally afraid of OUR large red, yellow and black wasps there and after witnessing my father who was a lineman for FPL back in the 70s and 80 go to the hospital with anaphylaxis due to multiple stings from these nightmarish creatures, Ive developed fear as well as a respect for these insects. I dont go anywhere they are and I do not attempt to kill them as I just find it cruel as hell.They deserve a pursuit of life also after all. Fast forward to today here in WV, I have recently witnessed a fast flying, very large black and almost fluorescent green striped hornet upon which I shuddered then ran into the house feeling nauseous. That sound of the wings beating and seeing it fly from one end of yard to the other within a couple seconds raised this tough guy’s phobia level to stratospheric highs. Keep in mind, never been stung by anything but tiny hornets and a bee twice. I thought FL had scary wasps but, this large hornet had me shaking and running and feeling as if an attack was underway hours afterwards. If one of these were to fly into my car with windows down, I dont care if Im going down the highway doing 80, I am parting ways with that big SOB’s new home…later! Pretty sure I have a major phobia at this point you think?


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