Giant Grasshopper from Columbia: Tropidacris dux

Dear Sir – I found this bug on a public bathroom, as you can see it was hanging from the mirror edge. It was BIG, at least 6 inches long. Never seen one. Thanks
Martin Botero

Hi Martin,
This is the Giant Grasshopper from Central America and South America, Tropidacris dux. It is one of the Lubber Grasshoppers in the family Acrididae. Locally, the name translates to English as “Giant Brown Cricket”, but it is not a cricket. Your photo is gorgeous. We wish you had provided us with a location.

Sir- I took this photo near the town of Mariquita, in central Colombia. It is a very warm climate and more o less 1000 meters above sea level. I got close to the Giant Grasshopper and it did not move or try to fly away. I asked the people at that restaurant if they knew its name and no one had seen it before. Thank you for your information.
Martin Botero

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