Subject:  Identification Request
Location:  Reitvlei Nature Reserve, Johannesburg, South Africa
January 15, 2017
Hello Daniel,
I trust this note finds you well.
I need some help, again. Ref subj.! and attached.
I took this recently at the Reitvlei Nature Reserve near Jhb, not the best of photos, but will suffice.
I went back there last Saturday but they were ALL gone.
I thought some Scarab beetle of some description, ( They seemed to be fighting over
mating or territorial rights), but the big green ones
fly around sounding like bumble bees, which they are not.
I understand you are busy , but please let me know when you can.
The tip wilters are slowly growing into fully fledged ones.
I’ll send a pic when I can
Thanks again.

Giant Emerald Green Fruit Chafers and another Scarab species

Dear Gary,
The green Scarabs appear to be Giant Emerald Green Fruit Chafers,
Dicronorrhina derbyana subsp. derbyana, and the smaller brown Scarabs are definitely a different species, possibly the Zig Zag Fruit Chafers, Anisorrhina flavomaculata, which are pictured on iSpot.  In the future, please submit images using our standard form which can be accessed by clicking the Ask What’s That Bug? link on our site.

Location: Reitvlei Nature Reserve, Johannesburg, South Africa

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