Giant Crab Spider in Guam

unidentified spider
i just moved to guam 4 months ago, and since then there have been 3 giant spiders that have graced our front patio. i’ve enclosed 2 pictures that i took of the last one. it is about the size of my entire hand (my hand span is 5 1/2 inches from tip of middle finger to bottom of palm and from tip of middle finger to tip of thumb is about 7 inches) this thing terrifies me. i’ve heard that it is a wolf spider and very poisonous on guam. my husband used an entire can of raid spray before it finally died, and this was after it started chasing us down. so, it is huge and very aggressive. what is it? is it poisonous? can it hurt my puppies? i also think i found a baby one in my bathroom, which is disturbing, and it was about the size of a nickel. please enlighten me!
thank you very much,

Hi Monica,
Fear not. The Giant Crab Spider, Heteropoda venatoria, is harmless. Your photo is of a male spider. These spiders are virtually ubiquitous in warm ports around the globe. They are also known as Huntsman Spiders or, because they sometimes find their way into markets on bunches of bananas, Banana Spiders. They do not build webs, preferring to hunt at night. A favorite food of theirs is Cockroaches, so they are more than harmless, they are beneficial.

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  1. I don’t care what kind of a spider of that it is, and it’s not ugly and not pleasant too look at it and is big enough to eat a new born puppy, My husband and I is from the Quam and used too tell me stories about the Island, before the he pasted away, Glenn,said that he saw very little few spider’s during his lifetime there

  2. I lived on Guam and 92. I didn’t see very many spiders except in the jungle. Most of what I saw in or around my place was cute little geckos


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