Native Brazilian Land Snail: Megalobulimus species

Update:  February 28, 2016
Thanks to a comment from Susan Hewitt, we have updated this posting of a native Brazilian Land Snail

Subject: Snail
Location: REGUA (Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu) Atlantic Rainforest Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
January 17, 2016 8:36 am
During my stay as a volonteer in REGUA (Reserva Ecológica de Guapiaçu) Atlantic Rainforest Rio De Janeiro, Brazil Nov 12 – Dec 7 2011 I photographed this magnificent snal. I believe people who are fascinated of these kind of animals recognize it easily.
Signature: slit

Giant African Snail Invades Brazil
Native Brazilian Land Snail

OK Slit,
You threw us on this one.  No continent in the subject line and considering your previous six submissions, we automatically assumed you would be inquiring about a Tanzanian Snail, and we located the Giant African Land Snail on A-Z Animals where we learned:  “The giant African land snail, is the largest species of snail found on land and generally grow to around 20 cm in length. The giant African land snail is native to the forest areas of East Africa but has been introduced into Asia, the Caribbean and a number of islands in both the Pacific and the Indian oceans.”  Once we realized you encountered this Snail in Brazil, we verified the original identification on Latin American Science where the headline is:  “Giant African land snails are invading Latin America.”  On National Geographic the headline reads:  “Giant Snails, Once a Delicacy, Overrun Brazil.”  We consider this to be an Invasive Exotic species and we encourage Brazilians to eat them since National Geographic states:  “The giant African snail, originally brought to Brazil as a delicacy for gourmet restaurants, has instead become a major nuisance in the country.”

Giant African Snail Invades Brazil
Native Brazilian Land Snail

Cesar Crash provides a critical warning.
Sorry, I cannot comment again.
African snail is being considered vector of meningitis, it is believed that it is dangerous even to eat leaves where it crawled and it is recomended to use a plastic bag on hand to catch it.
But, I don’t know, this one has a light shell, I think it may be a Megalobulimus.
I Hope it helps,

Thanks Cesar.  We will research Megalobulimus later.


2 thoughts on “Native Brazilian Land Snail: Megalobulimus species”

  1. Yes, this magnificent beast is a Megabulimus, a native species.

    The introduced Giant African land snail does not have a lip on the aperture of the shell and this has a nice thick lip in the adult, which this is. plus the former has a brown shell, and the shell of this genus is a pinkish-beige. And the shell is also more egg-shaped than the shell of the Giant African land snail.


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