Geometrid, not Unknown Tiger Moth from Oaxaca

(05/19/2008) Oaxaca Moth
Dear Bugman,
You were recommended to me as someone who might be able to help me identify this beauty. I took this picture in Oaxaca, Mexico on 10/30/2005. The closest thing I have found on the net are tiger moths… but nothing with these exact markings. In it’s resting pose the moth was approximately 2.5" wing tip to wing tip.
And I echo the sentiment, you have a wonderful site!
Los Angeles, CA

Hi joAnn,
The best we can do at the moment is that this is a Tiger Moth in the family Arctiidae. We will contact an expert in the family, Julian Donahue, to see if he recognizes the species.

Update: (05/26/2008)
Dear Daniel,
It is not an Arctiid. It is a Geometrid (Subfamily Ennominae). Pantherodes unciaria Guen

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