Subject: What kind of moths this is ???
Location: mexico, baja california sur, cabo san lucas
December 13, 2012 3:58 pm
HI, i would like to know if this moths is dangerous ? people say to not touch them and be really careful with the eggs…
I leave in Mexico, cabo san lucas and they are everywhere for the past month.
Signature: sign

Eucalyptus Defoliator Moth with Eggs

Dear sign,
We cannot account for the superstitions you hear in Mexico, but we cannot imaging them pertaining to any real danger.  We believe this moth is in the family Geometridae and it most closely resembles the individuals in the tribe Angeronini which are pictured on BugGuide.
  Perhaps one of our readers will be able to assist in a species identification.

Identification Courtesy of Karl
Hi Daniel and Sign:
It looks like a Eucalyptus Defoliator Moth, Thyrinteina arnobia (Geometridae).  It ranges from Texas and the Caribbean to South America and is considered a major pest of Eucalyptus plantations, particularly in Brazil. I came across this surprisingly similar image on The Caribbean Pest Information Network site. This one is referred to as Tea Moth and the species name is spelled ‘amobia’. If you google ‘Thyrinteina amobia’ you will get quite a few hits and sometimes both spellings are used on the same site, so I don’t quite know what is going on there. Regards.  Karl

As always Karl, your input is greatly appreciated.

Location: Mexico

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  1. csands says:

    I also live in Cabo San Lucas, and the health authorities have as yet been unable to identify this species. They think it is a new hybrid brought on by climate change and our unusually high rains during September.

    I have heard that they are capable of laying eggs inside your skin, which is why you have been told not to touch them. I don’t know if this is true or not, but why chance it? My building is overrun with these things, and I have found and strong insect repellent will kill them. Hope this helps.

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