Geometrid Moth from Australia

Subject: Crypsiphona ocultaria
Location: Nth Burnett. Queensland Australia
May 26, 2012 6:27 pm
Hi guys,
Hope you like these shots of Crypsiphona ocultaria. A very drab looking moth in the Geometridae until you see underneath.
Winter is closing in and this guy was very reluctant to move which allowed me to get it into a container to shoot the lovely colours underneath.
Signature: Aussietrev

Geometrid Moth: Crypsiphona ocultaria

Hi Trevor,
Earlier in the year we received two images, upper and lower wing views, of
Crypsiphona ocultaria, and we identified it as the Red Lined Looper Moth on the Brisbane Insect website.  The markings on the lower wings are quite pretty and distinctive, and we can’t help but to wonder if there is any evolutionary significance to it.

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