Pinterest Rant: Geometer Moth from Costa Rica is Pityeja histrionaria

Subject: Striped Moth, Monteverde, Costa Rica
Location: Monteverde, Costa Rica
August 7, 2016 2:17 am
I’ve recently tried to identify some of the insects I photographed in Costa Rica, in the summers of 2009 and 2011. I have had some success (this site has been of great help), but this fellow has been eluding me so far, so I figured I’d ask the experts.
This was taken in Monteverde, Costa Rica, on June 27, 2011.
Thanks in advance
Signature: Thibaud Aronson

Geometer Moth: Pityeja histrionaria
Geometer Moth: Pityeja histrionaria

Dear Thibaud,
Considering the beauty of this striking moth, this was one of the more difficult searches we have undergone in recent memory, but before we provide you with the information we have gleaned from the internet, we first need to rant on Pinterest.  In our minds, the Pinterest site is the scavenger of the internet.  Pinterest pilfers images from other sites, and because it has so many users, search engines bring up images on Pinterest even before they bring up those same images on the originating sites.  Then one must register to even access the original site.  We are deeply offended by Pinterest.  Our word searching led us nowhere, so we decided to do an image search, which we rarely do, and the only two internet images we could locate of your moth were on Pinterest, but we could not trace the originating sites since we flat out refuse to register on Pinterest.  Now that we have that off our collective chest, we can tell you what we learned.
Our first lead was a FlickR posting by Andreas Kay of an image taken in Ecuador, and we learned the identity of
Pityeja histrionaria in the family Geometridae.  On FocusOnNature we learned:  “Pityeja histrionaria ranges extensively in much of South America. It occurs from Mexico to southern Brazil.”  Though we did not learn much more about the moth, we located another image from Ecuador on FlickR, an image from Peru on Project Noah and an image on the National Moth Week site with no location.  Several sites have images of mounted specimens, including Lepidoptera Barcode of Life and Encyclopedia of Life.  This looks to us like it would be a diurnal or day flying species.  Are you able to provide any insight?  Did you find this lovely Geometer Moth in the morning after it had been attracted to a light lit at night?

That’s the one! Thanks for the amazingly fast reply!
I apologize, I should have specified, I did see this one at night, attracted to the lights of the field station.
As for Pinterest, I fully share your sentiment, and all I can say is that I neither have an account nor use it myself.

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