not sure
I found this trapped inside my pool enclosure last night – at first I thought it was a Vega Sphinx Moth, but in looking at this site ( ) the under part of the wings don’t match.
Johanna van Daalen
Melbourne, FL

Hi Johanna,
Your beautiful moth is a Guady Sphinx. Do you always get a manicure before handling insects?

I try to keep my nails looking their best, you never know when a camera or a gaudy moth is going to be around! Thank you so much, love your website!

Hi again Johanna,
Here at What’s That Bug? we both understand the importance of being camera ready as well. You are our kind of gal: not afraid to handle insects and looking good in the process.

ha! i saw your comment on the website about not being afraid to handle bugs – i work with raccoons and otters, bugs are nothing!!! (unless that bug’s a SPIDER!!!)

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