Gaudy Grasshopper from South Africa

Subject: Grasshopper
Location: Coffee Bay, Wild Coast, South Africa
January 8, 2015 9:12 am
I would like to know what type of grasshopper this is.
Signature: Dalina Geldenhuys

Gaudy Grasshopper
Gaudy Grasshopper

Dear Dalina,
This colorful Grasshopper is in the family Pyrgomorphidae, and the members are commonly called Toxic Milkweed Grasshoppers, Gaudy Grasshoppers or Koppie Foam Grasshoppers.  We believe your individual is a female
Maura rubroornata based on this image posted to iSpot.  Here is another image from iSpot.  There are images of mounted specimens on Orthoptera Species File, and there appear to be significant variations in the markings of this species.

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