Garden Locust, we believe, from South Africa

Subject: Pyrgomorphidae (Foam or Lubber Grasshoppers)??
Location: South Africa
May 10, 2014 12:37 am
Hello Bugman!
I’m back with a grasshopper question. I found this little beauty at Addo National Park in South Africa. Upon doing some research, it looks like he *may* be a Foam Grasshopper. After taking the photo, I could see he was foaming, which bums me out because I learned online that they foam when stressed or disturbed. This means, I was probably the cause of his stress. 🙁
Would love to hear your thoughts.
Signature: Kenda Swartz Pepper

Garden Locust
Garden Locust

Hi Kenda,
This is definitely not a Koppie Foam Grasshopper.  We believe it is a Garden Locust,
Acanthacris ruficornis subsp. ruficornis, which we quickly located on iSpot.  According to Beetles of Africa, it is “a very large grasshopper which can fly very well.  A very common species.”  There are also images on Natures World of Wonder South Africa.

Garden Locust
Garden Locust

Awesome and thank you, Daniel!
Only moments ago, I posted the information you sent and a shout-out to my readers to check out your site.
Looks like I’ll be revisiting your site with a new image. While hiking today, we found a very cool striped beetle. I’ll send the image to see if you know what it is. I already looked on the links you sent with the grasshopper info and was unable to find it. Granted, our internet here is super slow, so iSpot wasn’t loading properly.
Many thanks and cheers,

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