Galls we believe

Subject: What eggs are these? Or are they not even bug eggs?
Location: North Andover, ma
June 5, 2015 5:33 pm
Went on a hike with my 2 kids today and came across two plants with these long green vertical eggs* I was curious to see what bugs laid these eggs or if they were even eggs at all.
Signature: Maggie

Galls, we believe
Galls, we believe

Dear Maggie,
We believe these are Galls, and though they are theoretically not eggs, many Galls are produced when insects, like Gall Wasps, lay eggs and the developing larva causes a growth on a plant leaf, stem, root, or other plant part.  The growth acts as food for the larva, and the Gall does not harm the plant.  Other Galls can be caused by mites, viruses or injuries.  Knowing the plant species is often helpful in the identification of the insect that produces the Gall.  Though your Galls resemble those on the maple leaf on the Little Nature Museum site, your plant is not a maple and Galls are often very plant specific.
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Probably Galls
Probably Galls

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