Furry Moth from Mexico

Subject: Moth id request
Location: Cancun Mexico
February 11, 2014 10:27 am
Spotted this cool moth near Cancun Mexico Feb 4, 2014.
Signature: John

Furry Mexican Moth
Furry Mexican Moth

Dear John,
This is truly an amazing moth, and we haven’t had any luck identifying it.  We are not dismayed, because we believe a moth this distinctive will be identified soon by one of our readers if we cannot discover its identity ourselves.

Possibly Lasiocampid or Megalopygid
Possibly Lasiocampid or Megalopygid

Based on our familiarity with other members in their respective families, we believe this resembles a Flannel Moth of the Megalopygidae or a Lappet Moth of the Lasiocampidae.  We are also going to try to contact Julian Donahue to see if he has a clue to the family.

Thanks Daniel
Some pretty good moth-ers are hitting a brick wall on this one. Surprising since you would think this beauty would of attracted some attention. I am not discouraged though. Thanks for your efforts.

What's That Moth???
What’s That Moth???

Julian Donahue Responds
It’s a lasiocampid. Don’t have time to picture-book it in Seitz.


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