Funnel Web Spider

Brown Spider
I caught this spider in my house in Los Angeles, CA. It is the second one I have caught. I thought I would take a picture of this one before I released it in case it is poisonous. The body is about 1/2" the legs extending about 3/4". The legs are striped a darker brown and beige with little barbs sticking up. The abdomen is elongated with 2 little protrusions at the back, it is a lighter brown in the middle. The head is light in the middle with 2 dark brown striped, also an elongated shape. It also has two little pincer like extensions in the front, almost like a 5th set of legs. They are dark brown at the end. It is not a hairy spider, rather smooth apart from the barbs. I tried to identify it, I do not think it is a wolf spider, maybe a funnel web spider?

Hi Julie,
You are absolutely correct. This is a Funnel Web Spider in the Genus Agelena. We always love hearing about people who release spiders instead of squashing them.

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