Subject: Close ups of the Cellar Spider
Location: Leamington Ontario. Old farm house
September 22, 2014 7:24 am
I’ve looked to see what my little alien being was called and have seen old posts of fuzzy pictures. So i figured for the sake of science and imagination! This guy was hanging from a web. I’m almost positive it’s dead.
Signature: Adrienne

Cellar Spider with Fungus Infection

Cellar Spider with Fungus Infection

Hi Adrienne,
Thanks for adding to the images we have of Cellar Spider infested with Fungus.

Location: Leamington, Ontario, Canada

7 Responses to Fungus Infested Cellar Spider

  1. martius says:

    God damn… Mold can parasitize on the skin of living beings, but wtf >_>

  2. Drake smith says:

    did not know this, but it is amazing!!!

  3. Heather says:

    I gotta comment on this! My husband and I are house hunting, and viewed an old Victorian home this morning. The basement was literally covered in these! There had to be a hundred or more. And the cobwebs were so thick. I thought they were all dead, but now I’m not positive, and I’m a tad freaked out!

  4. Lisa neel says:

    Are these white spiders poisonous

  5. Cheryl says:

    Found these under my house. To say the least creeped me out major.

  6. CGm says:

    I just spotted two of them under my porch and they look to be alive.

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