Fungus Beetle: Penthe obliquata

Subject: Penthe obliquata–fungus beetle
Location: Mancelona, MI
June 30, 2014 4:26 pm
I found this distinctive black beetle while I was out last night moth hunting, and since he seems to be missing from your archives I’m passing him along! This particular species of polypore fungus beetle is about 1-1.4 cm long (according to Bugguide; consistent with my specimen). That little orange scutellum (right between the thorax and the abdomen) is the key to identifying it, along with the overall rounded shape. Evidently they like living in dry fungus and decomposing trees, both of which we have in abundance around here, though this one was drawn to a lamppost.
Signature: Helen

Fungus Beetle
Fungus Beetle

Dear Helen,
Thank you for your continued efforts to supplement our archives with your excellent images.  BugGuide does have some additional information on this Fungus Beetle that does not have a common name.

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