Fulgorid Planthopper from Bolivia is Amazon Roostertail

bolivia bug
Location: Rurrenabaque, Bolivia
January 29, 2012 10:25 pm
This bug is from Rurrenabaque, Bolivia can you identify it please
Signature: M Schwartz

Fulgorid PLanthopper

Dear M Schwartz,
We identified your Fulgorid Planthopper as the Amazon Roostertail,
Lystra lanata, on FlickR.  The common name is listed as the Red Dotted Planthopper on Animal World where it states:  “These interesting insects are members of the hemiptera or true bugs. They use their proboscis to penetrate their host plant/tree on which they are usually found to drink the sugary rich phloem. They excrete honeydew which is a sugary liquid stripped of the nutrients needed by the fulgorid but still of interest to other insects, chiefly ants. So, fulgorids (and many other hemipterans) can be found attended by many different species of ants which will actually cultivate, farm and defend their hosts. The white tails are actually made of wax. This strategy is possibly a ploy to fool birds and other predators who might mistake the extremely visible tails for the head. Found during a night hike in Iwokrama rainforest reserve, Guyana”.

Hello Daniel
Thank you very much for such prompt and helpful assistance!
Chuck McClaugherty

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