Fruit Spotting Bug nymph

Subject: What is this bug! Queensland Australia
Location: Queensland Australia
November 26, 2016 4:08 pm
Could you help us figure out what this bug is? It looks like an assasin bug but still has pink legs where as on google other assasin bugs have full black legs? Is it just a baby?
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Fruit Spotting Bug nymph
Immature Fruit Spotting Bug

This is NOT an Assassin Bug.  Our gut reaction was that this must be a Leaf Footed Bug or Tip Wilter in the family Coreidae, and that suspicion proved correct when we located this FlickR image taken of Airlie Beach.  We found it identified as a Fruit Spotting Bug, Amblypelta lutescens or A. nitida , thanks to the Brisbane Insect site.  It is called a Banana Spotting Bug on the International Journal of Pest Management site.

Ahh thank you so much! It’s been driving is crazy 🙂

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