Subject: Orange Eyes!
Location: Andover, NJ, backyard
July 18, 2012 1:47 pm
Okay, here’s one for you … I found this yellow fly on one of my sunflowers today. It is quite small, so had to crop the heck out of these pictures. One gives you a good look at the body, which looks fly-like to me; while the other gives you some detail on the wings, which are gorgeous. Hope you can id this little thing for me…
Signature: Deborah Bifulco

Fruit Fly: Strauzia species

Hi Deborah,
We believe we have correctly identified (much quicker than we would have expected) your Fruit Fly as a member of the genus Strauzia based on these BugGuide photos where it is stated:  “Larvae bore in stems of Asteraceae, including sunflowers”

Thanks, Daniel!  Interestingly, I found an assassin bug nymph (thanks to an ID by you last year) on the same sunflower, so it is possible that the fruit fly will become a meal at some point.  Hopefully, I can get some better pictures of the fruit fly before nature runs its course…

Location: New Jersey

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