Fruit Chafer from Israel

Subject: Whats that bug?
Location: Israel
January 29, 2016 9:39 am
Can you help me identify this one?
You might have to zoom in the photo, but that’s the best I’ve got.
Hope you can help!
Signature: NZ

Fruit Chafer
Fruit Chafer

Dear NZ,
Luckily there is a relatively robust network of folks in Israel who are interested in insects.  We learned the identity of your Fruit Chafer,
Tropinota vittula, thanks to the Scarabs of the Levant site where it states:  “The Cetoniinae are popularly called fruit and flower chafers, flower beetles and flower scarabs. Many species are diurnal and visit flowers for pollen and nectar, or to browse on the petals. Some species also take fruit few are termitophil.”   There are additional images on Israel’s Nature Site, but alas, we do not read Hebrew.  There are also images on Al’s Photo Page and a scholarly article entitled Tropinota vittula is a Good Species may provide you with additional information.

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