Fruit and Flower Chafers Meet Up

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Hello Daniel,

Location: Johannesburg, South Africa

I noticed on your website a letter

Letter 11 – Giant Emerald Green Fruit Chafers and possibly Zig Zag Fruit Chafers

In this letter, I see the same two bugs hanging out with each other.

One of them I know, is the Giant Emerald Fruit Chafer. The other one I don’t know.

Every year around this time, they meet in the same bush and hang out with each other. They fight a bit, they mate in that bush (each to their own). So the question is: what is connecting them and why do they meet? This year, I see that also a new guy came along, a black bug.

Best regards,

Dear Kruzi

Both of your Scarab Beetles are in the subfamily Cetoniinae, known as the Fruit and Flower Chafers.  In our opinion, they are not interested in each other, but rather the unidentified bush you find them on each year.  It appears they are feeding on sap, a common food for Fruit and Flower Chafers.

We still believe the smaller Chafer is a Zig-Zag Fruit Chafer, Anisorrhina flavomaculata, based on images and information on iNaturalist (


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