Freshwater Isopod

Subject: aquatic bug
Location: Central Kentucky
March 22, 2013 2:53 pm
I found this bug in a small woodland stream today. I am located in Central Kentucky. The bug is alive and moving around and the current temp is 40 degrees. It has been below freezing at night for the past week.
Signature: A.Selter

Freshwater Isopod
Freshwater Isopod

Hi Guys,
I think I may have identified the bug via an old book I have, “Pond Life”, and I’ll call it an Aquatic Isopod Asellus. I didn’t locate a photo of this particular bug on your website so you can use mine if you like.
Thanks, Angela~

Hi Angela,
We didn’t realize you already found the identification.  Here is our response:
Dear A. Selter,
This is a Freshwater Isopod, a type of Crustacean that is distantly related to marine lobsters and crabs as well as terrestrial Pill Bugs or Rollie Pollies.  It seems to resemble the genus
Asellus which is represented on BugGuide.

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