Four Horned Sphinx

Giant Caterpillar or Grub???
July 19, 2013
Location:  Missouri
I was outside this morning around 5:30 & the sun not quite up…I look down & leaves are moving under a bush …I look closer & see the LARGEST caterpillar or grub I’ve EVER seen!  I thought about catching it ….but only kept it hostage long enough to snap a few pics & then put it back under the bush to be on its way lol.
It was about 3 1/2 to 4 inches long when extended …fleshy colored & kind of green underneath …I live in S.W Missouri & have NEVER seen one.
Hopefully you can help 🙂

Four Horned Sphinx
Four Horned Sphinx

Hi Stacie,
We wish we knew what day you originally sent this image of a Four Horned Sphinx or Elm Sphinx,
Ceratomia amyntor, which you may read more about on The Sphingidae of the Americas.

My original message …I sent the same morning I took the picture …which was July 19th of this year …thanks SOOOO MUCH for solving my mystery 🙂

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