Four Horned Sphinx

Help identifying catepillar
We found a caterpillar that we hope we can “rehabilitate.” It is approximately 2 1/2 inches long, green and purplish brown in color with a “horn” near its tail end. I’ve attached a couple of pics. Any help you can give me on identification and what I can do to bring it back to 100% would be great.
I’ve also attached a picture or two of what we thought was a hummingbird. After doing some research it seems to be a hummingbird moth. Can you please verify?
Thank you.
Laura Stoy
Chesapeake, Virginia

Hi Laura,
Your caterpillar is a Four Horned Sphinx or Elm Sphinx, Ceratomia amyntor. The caterpillar has both a green and dark form. I am not sure what the trauma is that requires rehabilitation, but you can try feeding it elm, birch, basswood or cherry leaves. There is more information on Bill Oelhke’s site. Your moth is also a Sphinx Moth or Hawk Moth or Hummingbird Moth, probably the Tobacco Sphinx, Manduca sexta.

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