Fork-Horned Sawfly is Purslane Sawfly

Double antennae’d Diprionid!
Location: Central Illinois
December 3, 2011 8:04 pm
Hey there! I thought I’d send in some pics of a very interesting sawfly I found a couple months back, but only got to keying a couple weeks ago. Seems this little Diprionid has forked antennae! Really it only has two antennae, with only two scapes and pedicels, but four flegelli. Do you think this is normal for the species, or did I stumble upon a mutant? It’s got my entomology professor (and me!) baffled.
As always, loving the site! It really helped me stay motivated in my Entomology class. Thanks for all your work maintaining it!
Signature: Entomologist in Training

Fork-Horned Sawfly

Dear Entomologist in Training,
By far you have better qualifications to answer that question than our entire staff combined.  We will post your intriguing images and letter and we hope our readership can provide any information.

Fork-Horned Sawfly

Update:  23 March 2013
Thanks to a comment from Drhoz, we now believe we have an identification for the Purslane Sawfly and there are matching images on BugGuide.

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  1. Might have an ID for you for this one – I found an equally baffling fork-horned sawfly over here in Australia, in Uranquinty, central NSW. Googling ‘wasp’ + ‘forked antennae’ brought up the Purslane, or Purtulaca Sawfly, Schizocerella pilicornis, in which the males have those extremely unusual antennae.


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