Food Chain: Tarantula Hawk and Spider

Tarantula Hawk
I recently returned to London from Mexico where I snapped this wasp and spider at the mayan ruins in Palenque Chiapas. The spider was not dead but appeared to be paralysed – it’s legs were slowly twitching and the wasp was running around with an amazing intent. I thought that the spider might be a trapdoor – as there was a hole nearby – but it had no door – so thought it may have been the wasp’s burrow. I watched them for some time but nothing definitive happened and too many people were gathering so I left. Since looking at your excellent site I have identified the wasp as a female Tarantula Hawk but am still unsure of the spider. Couldn’t find any shots of wasp and spider – so I thought you might be interested in these. I hope you can open them I use a Mac.
Paul Wakefield

Hi Paul,
Wow, thanks for the awesome image. We are so happy you found the identity of the Tarantula Hawk on our site. We also believe this is a Trapdoor Spider.

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