Fly Puparia

Subject: larvae
Location: richardson, tx
May 12, 2015 9:46 pm
Does anyone know what this could be? Just found about 2 dozen in my son’s room. They were primarily found under some laundry sheets that had been cleaned 2 days prior. Also some found around the baseboard in the room. Please help. . also have an unidentified smell coming from the same room around the same time these were found.
Signature: Jesse

Fly Puparia
Fly Puparia

Dear Jesse,
These look like the Puparia of Flies.  Perhaps something crawled into your son’s room and died, or perhaps some food was left to rot.  It is also possible there might be a dead animal in the walls that could have attracted the flies that laid the eggs that hatched into maggots that fed on the rotting organic material and that eventually metamorphosed into these Puparia.
  The likeliest candidates are Flesh Flies.

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