Fly Puparia

pantry beetle?
In my bedroom along the floorboard, underneath a window, about 20 of these, ranging in color from light white/yellow to dark brown red. At first I thought it was rice, till i picked one up with tweezers and squeezed it. Big mistake. I live in an apartment that recently had big time exterminators out for Carpenter ants. Since then, no ants, but now this? and in my bedroom? what can I expect? The house is very old, split into apartments so I am use to bugs of all sorts, but these, I don’t know, the fact that I found them in my bedroom, I am a little freaked out. Thanks in advance.

Hi Stephanie,
The good news is you do not have Pantry Beetles. The bad news is you will soon have a Fly invasion. It looks like Flies got into rotting organic matter somewhere (Forgot to take out the garbage? Dead mouse in the walls?) and laid eggs. The maggots developed unnoticed and some wandered to a dry place to pupate. You have Fly Pupae, or more correctly, Fly Puparia.

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  1. Um so I am wondering, how many flies hatch out of each one of these little black eggs? We recently had a fly invasion (like 100+ flies all at once). We swatted them all and then I just found maybe twenty eggs and the source too, and disposed of it right away! Phew, secondary disaster averted!


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